Bachelor of Laws

Our undergraduate programs provide not only a grounding in common law principles and legal methodology but equip our students for career success as critical thinkers, complex problem solvers, and high achievers.

Bachelor of Laws student

Our undergraduate programs also provide a range of flexible study options. The Bachelor of Laws can be completed as a single or double degree program, and our elective options allow you to pursue studies in an area of particular interest to you ranging from the commercial to liberal and socially-oriented topics.

A law degree opens doors to a vast range of career options – some you may not have even considered. Graduates completing two degrees concurrently are uniquely placed to take up specialist career opportunities offered beyond the law. Students can choose from a wide range of areas including arts, sciences, commerce, business, environmental, international relations and more. 

Bachelor of Laws

Pathways into Law School

There are a range of pathways into Adelaide Law School studies including for high school leavers, international students, transfer students, mature age students, and TAFE graduates.

Strategic Space Law

Ever wondered how the law is applied beyond the earth’s atmosphere? The Adelaide Law School is offering a short course on Strategic Space Law. A unique course providing insight into the legal aspects of space, including military and national security, how civil and criminal law is applied on space missions and the ISS, intelligence gathering and the privatisation of space travel, and much more.

Study at Oxford University

The Adelaide Law School has an agreement with Oxford University, giving you the opportunity to study law at one of the worlds’ most prestigious universities. A unique program giving eligible students the opportunity to complete their degree in 3.5 years total; 2.5 years at the Adelaide Law School and 1 year at Oxford.