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Career Pathways

A law degree is one of the most flexible programs in graduate career outcomes, and with over 92% of Adelaide Law School graduates employed within 5 months of graduation there’s no limit to where a future in law can take you.

Alexander Normandale

Recent graduate

'GDLP refined my ability to assess any real situation and—in an engaging, collaborative, thoughtful and respectful manner—articulate the problem, identify the issues, outline the options and recommend a preferred solution: a critical and strategic approach that will help you achieve success in legal practice and outside of it
Alexander Normandale - Bachelor of Laws and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
Principal Management Consultant at Normandale Management Consultancy

Careers outside of law

A degree in law also opens up a range of career options beyond just the legal profession, being highly valued across a range of other industries requiring legal guidance and policy advice, such as the media, not for profit sector, politics, trade, academia, finance and business analysis to name a few.

Careers in law

Our graduates are well regarded by the legal fraternity, with a degree from the Adelaide Law School being highly sought after for law graduate roles across private practice and the public sector.

Area Job examples
Judicial system

Barrister, solicitor, judge, judge’s associates, law clerk, magistrate, registrar, court reporter, mediator, arbitrator

Not for profit Community legal services officer, human rights advocacy officer, migration agent, legal clearance officer, native title lawyer, pro bono consultant, volunteer solicitor
Government/public service Legal project manager, lawyer, intelligence officer, legislator, policy analyst, lobbyist, prosecutor, policy officer, political advisor, legislative drafter, public defender, research officer, investigator
Corporate sector­­ Corporate counsel, contract administration, legal governance officer, legal recruiter, legal analysts, ethics manager, commercial advisor, risk management professional
Private sector Transitional, advisory and litigious focus. clerk, barrister, associate, paralegal, solicitor, alternative dispute resolution officer, legal counsel, association and senior association, compliance officer
International law International lawyer, consultant, ambassador, diplomatic corps, foreign correspondent, legal officer, NGO employee, human rights advocate, united nations officer, 
Academia Tutor, lecturer, law librarian, legal careers consultant, researcher, dean
Professional legal bodies Counsel, legal practice admissions officer/manager, regulator, investigator, policy advisor/analyst, committee member, legal information officer
Professional services Associate, consultant, engagement manager, business analyst, case manager, digital implementation manager, and risk manager
Natalie Llyod

Commercial and tax partner

I chose the University of Adelaide because it is regarded as South Australia's premier university. I always had a strong interest in a career in business. I felt a double degree in law and commerce would help me to secure employment in a commercial environment. My time at the University of Adelaide was a high quality learning experience and that knowledge has underpinned a successful legal and accounting career. Being a good lawyer requires problem solving and university taught me to apply the law to a given set of facts.
Natalie Lloyd - Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Laws (Honours), 1997

Career readiness and support

The University of Adelaide and Law School offer a range of free support services to ensure our students are career ready.

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