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Careers in Law

Oliver Greeves - Graduated 2013

Associate to the Honourable Justice Peek at the Supreme Court of South Australia

Get as much experience as possible before you graduate. Not only will it look good on your CV and give you credibility, but it will allow you to network within the profession.

Anna Bulman - Graduated 2012

International Lawyer

I used the setbacks as an opportunity to make myself refocus on what exactly my goals were and my priorities.

Sarah Dickins - Graduated 2014

Tipstaff to the Hon. John Dyson Heydon AC QC

More and more employers are looking towards what you've done in your free time; what you have chosen to get involved in that shows what your interests and passions are.

Vanessa Perry - Graduated 2012

Associate Lawyer at Norman Waterhouse

Determine what type of work suits your interests and pursue these areas. Always be open to new opportunities, but don't settle for working in an area that you are not interested in.

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