Administrative Appeals Tribunal Legal Advice Service

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Legal Advice Service (AATLAS) is a Community Legal Advice Service. We focus on helping clients who are going to attend a hearing at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to get a government decision reviewed. 

This clinic is run by final year Adelaide University Law students under the supervision of a legal practitioner.

About the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

  • What are the costs?

    Our services are free of cost.

  • What can AATLAS do for me?

    During an hour-long interview, you will have the opportunity to talk to us about your case. We will then consider the facts of your case, review the relevant law and advise you on what you can argue and evidence you can present to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal during your hearing. This information is provided in a formal letter of advice that we send to you after our interview.

    Any information you tell us during the interview is confidential and will not be discussed with anyone outside of AATLAS.

    We do not legally represent you during your AAT hearing.

  • Centrelink has made a decision that I don’t agree with. What can I do about it?

  • What is the review process?

    If you disagree with a decision that Centrelink has made and it affects you, you can ask for a review. There are three levels of review:
    1.     Internal Review of the Centrelink Decision by an Authorised Review Officer
    2.     Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) Review of the Centrelink Decision
    3.     Further review of the AAT review
    Before you attend an AAT review hearing to try to get the Centrelink decision changed, you can talk to us at AATLAS to get legal advice.

    Are you ready to book an interview with us?

  • Are you ready to book an interview with us?

    Follow the questions below to see if you are ready to book an interview with us.

    Have you applied for an Authorised Review Officer (ARO) review of the Centrelink decision?
    Have you received a decision from the Authorised Review Officer (ARO)?
    Do you disagree with the outcome of the Authorised Review Officer (ARO) decision?
    Have you applied for a review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)?
    Would you like to make an appointment with AATLAS before your AAT hearing?

Make an appointment

COVID-19 Changes: For the foreseeable future, AAT will hold hearings over the phone. These meetings will still occur at your appointed time and date.

For more information, visit the AAT website or call the AAT on 1800 228 333.

Operating hours: Thursdays 9.00am – 5.00pm.


Phone: 1800 228 333

Location: Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Level 2, 1 King William Street Adelaide 

About the Administrative Appeals Tribunal 

Frequently asked questions

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is an agency that reviews administrative decisions that are made by the Australian Government, which includes Centrelink decisions. Learn more on hearings, decisions and assistance.

Frequently asked questions