U.K Study Tour - Bank Insolvency, Climate Change Law and Graham Norton

While I was enjoying a sleep-in after a late night at the Tottenham game, Oliver was up early to attend an interview with a law firm in London for a work experience opportunity at the end of the trip.

Prior to leaving Australia, Oliver had been in contact with a music law firm in western London in the hope of gaining a week or two of experience at their firm before going back to Adelaide. Oliver found that attending Queen Mary University of London’s School for Commercial Law studies during this study tour was a large reason he was successful in gaining the interview and ultimately getting a week of work experience.

On a slightly less interesting note, my Thursday began with class for the Bank Insolvency and Resolution module taught by Mr Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal. The module consists of examining banking crises and the types of regulations in place to help deal with the repercussions. This class focussed on tools such as living wills, precautionary recapitalisation and contingent convertible debt which was interesting given that I am also studying corporate finance in conjunction with my law degree. While some of the content was difficult to understand, Rodrigo was very engaging and made the students eager to participate and contribute to discussion. Prior to the class I had not heard of many of these regulations and it was fascinating to discuss their advantages and disadvantages in assisting a bank operate under financial distress.

Meanwhile, Oliver’s Thursday class included a lecture on climate change. Their class was fortunate enough to welcome a guest speaker, Sam Boileau, from one of the largest law firms in the world, Dentons. Sam spoke about the huge number of mechanisms that must be put in place or changed to meet climate change targets. Although he spoke from a UK perspective, Oliver found the lecture to be quite relevant to current issues in Australia such as the recent bushfires.

When class finished it was about 3pm and the sun was still shining so a few other students and I decided to tick off some of the tourist attractions in London. After a late lunch in Covent Garden, we walked through Trafalgar Square, St James’ Park and eventually stopped at Buckingham Palace to take some photos. Later that night, I caught up with a former teammate who now lives in London and had an old-fashioned pub dinner. It was great to hear what life in London is like and how he has adapted to the overall hustle and bustle of the city.

While I was eating a steak sandwich in a dingey pub in Shoreditch, Oliver had the opportunity to watch the Graham Norton show live as it was recorded. Guests of the show included Mark Ruffalo (the Hulk in the Avengers), David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends) and Alicia Keys. Afterwards, he was lucky enough to be invited back to the green room for a few drinks and rub shoulders with the cast. Oliver described the experience of watching how the show was made and meeting the cast afterwards as something he will never forget and a great end to a fantastic day!

Thursday 6/2/20 Authors: Kosta and Oliver

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