Adelaide Law School 2021 Jessup Moot Team proceeds to Advanced Rounds of international competition

Late last week, the successful Adelaide Law School 2021 Jessup Moot Team participated in a very well attended exhibition moot in the Law School Moot Court, appearing before Mr Justice Sam Doyle (Court of Appeal of the SA Supreme Court) and Professor Dale Stephens (Adelaide Law School).  

The team has been very successful in the 2021 Jessup Competition so far and their performance on the night amply revealed that calibre. The Adelaide team are currently competing in the White & Case Advanced competition of the Jessup Global Rounds, which comprises of approximately the top 150 out of 600 teams from around the world.

During the advanced rounds, the team have competed/will compete against teams from the West Indies, the Philippines, China and India. In advancing to the Advanced Rounds, the team successfully competed against teams from Brazil, Afghanistan, China and the United States and have proven themselves very skilful and talented advocates. 

The problem this year revolves around issues of asylum, a word wide pandemic and human rights, use of force and jurisdictional issues of the International Court of Justice.  Throughout the arduous past few months, the team has been expertly coached by Mr Jack Eccleston and have been expertly overseen and managed by Faculty Advisor Dr Matthew Stubbs.

Jessup Moot Team 2021

Pictured from left to right: Mr Jack Eccleston (coach), Ms Annalise Delic, Ms Billie Jones, Professor Dale Stephens, Mr Justice Sam Doyle, Ms Jana Humzy and Mr Eamonn Carpenter. Team member not pictured: Wajan Abumustafa.

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