Law and Justice Internship at the Attorney-General’s Department

Law and Justice Internship

Caitlin Williams recently had the privilege of undertaking the Law and Justice Internship with the Legislative Services Division of the South Australian Attorney-General’s Department in Semester 2, 2021.

"During my time at the Department, I had the opportunity assist ‘behind the scenes’ in the development of draft legislation, with a large portion of my work involving legal research. I regularly attended Parliament to follow the Bills that had been introduced in the House of Assembly and was fortunate enough to witness one of them pass," Caitlin says.

"At times, the work could be incredibly challenging. Many of my research topics were areas of law that I had not been exposed to, which made navigating these areas in order to answer a narrow question quite difficult to begin with. However, I had a lot of support, with contextual information being provided to enable me to understand the questions that I was being asked. This exposure to new areas of law also inadvertently ignited an interest in a particular topic that I had not taken much notice of before."

Caitlin said overall, it was quite beneficial to her studies.

"Overall, it was quite beneficial to be able to apply the research and legal writing skills that we had been taught at university in practice. It was incredibly fulfilling to know that the work that I had produced was actually going to be used in the real world. I have also developed a true understanding of the legislative drafting process. The final product that we regularly deal with at university is usually not reflective of how the Acts enter Parliament. Instead, they are regularly amended and may become a product of compromise."

She added, "I would like to thank my supervisor at the Attorney-General’s Department, Michelle Coram (right), and Senior Lecturer Cornelia Koch for supporting me throughout this experience. It certainly has been a highlight of my time at the University of Adelaide."

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