Litigation Law Unit (LLU)

LLU fosters scholarship that enhances the administration of justice in established and emerging common and civil law systems of litigation.


Litigation is the most visible area of law. It is critical to functional governance and public confidence in judicial administration and integrity. In Australia, litigation systems are increasingly regarded as broken. The former Chief Justice, the Honourable John J Doyle AC QC, has variously described litigation in Australia as "flailing", dying of "neglect and decay", "strangling itself" and "in desperate need of repair". These are shared concerns of litigious systems across established civil democracies and serve as a warning for emerging and developing legal systems.


  • enhance the administration of justice through critique and reform of domestic and international litigation systems.
  • advance interdisciplinary strategies to litigation reform.
  • establish research centric collaborations to develop and reform litigation systems.

Our research unit specialises in

  • Advocacy and Access to Justice.
  • Evidence and Procedure.
  • Criminal Justice.
  • Civil and Inquisitorial Law Systems.
  • International Litigation.
  • Appeal and Review.
  • Litigation History.
  • ADR.

Key contacts