Work and Employment Regulation (WER)

Our teaching, scholarship and professional activities are concerned with the many different ways in which arrangements for the performance of work (whether paid or unpaid) are constructed and controlled, both locally and globally.

We are interested in the legal rules and other forms of regulations that govern eligibility to perform work, the conduct of individual and collective work relations, and the operation of the labour market. Our research unit

  • are authors of Australia's leading texts on work and employment law, as well as writing for local and international journals;
  • play important roles in bodies such as the International Labour Organisation and the Australian Labour Law Association, among many others;
  • consult widely to governments, businesses, trade unions and other organisations;
  • make submissions to government or parliamentary inquiries on important issues of law and policy; and
  • regularly comment in the media on recent developments or topical issues.
  • leading national projects on work experience and internships, work in the gig economy and exploitation of farm labour.

Our research unit specialises in

Besides labour or employment law as conventionally understood, our research extends to matters that include migration, workplace safety, discrimination, superannuation and professional/occupational regulation – not to mention the likes of competition, intellectual property, corporations, insolvency and taxation law, as they bear on work and employment. 

Key contacts