Student Experience

The Adelaide Law School is host to a rich learning environment, with a suite of opportunities that ensure our graduates are well-rounded and ready to face the challenges of the real world.

We are internationally recognised for our reputation and quality of teaching. However, students of the Law School will also enjoy being part of a vibrant community throughout their time at university.

Ahmed Gamar, Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Commerce graduate

"I had the pleasure of being on various student representative committees, taking part in Law School competitions, and participating in both social and educational events outside of my studies. Adelaide Law School prepares all of its graduates for careers in many different pathways. While I secured employment with a national commercial law firm, many other graduates were employed in business and in government, among other fields."

With a range of programs including industry placements & internships, international experiences, and our moot court, your Adelaide Law School journey goes far beyond the classroom.

  • Internships

    Our internship and placement opportunities provide students with the chance to dip their toe into the world of legal practice and gain valuable professional experience while completing their studies. The Adelaide Law School offers three elective internship courses that allow students to engage in work integrated learning in legal practice, and supervised research through internship placements.

    Human Rights Internship

     Students who secure an internship of up to six weeks working full time with a native title representative or indigenous policy organisation are able to build on their experience by completing a supervised research project.

    Native Title Internship

    Students are able to spend up to six weeks working full-time with a native title representative or indigenous policy organisation.

    Law and Justice Internship

    Students undertaking the law and justice internship are able to gain practical experience by working with a host organisation part-time over a semester while studying, or full-time for five weeks over summer.

    "The internship was an invaluable experience that allowed me to develop the ability to research legal issues thoroughly while still being able to summarise findings in a succinct, accurate and unambiguous manner. I also developed stronger skills in ensuring the validity of sources through this research, as well as stronger professional communication skills in relaying findings to my supervisors. I was further able to enjoy opportunities that deepened my understanding on how an international NGO functions, such as volunteering at an event discussing the legal rights of LGBTIQ in Japan, and sitting in on meetings with key stakeholders HRN. This experience has deepened my passion for pursuing a career that contributes to the development of human rights." 

    - Kate Thomas, Previous Human Rights intern

  • Clinical legal education

  • Adelaide Law Review

    Established in 1960, the Adelaide Law Review course gives students an entry into the world of legal publishing, editing, and journaling by contributing to the annual editions of the ALR.

  • Research assistant opportunities

    From time to time, Adelaide Law School academics employ students as research assistants in their projects. High achieving students in their final years are encouraged to register their interest in becoming a research assistant with the Associate Dean (Research)

  • South Australian law reform

    The South Australian Law Reform Institute was established in agreement with the Attorney General of South Australia that gives Adelaide Law School Students a unique opportunity to contribute to state law through conducting research and reviews with a view to modernising current laws and ensuring uniformity between laws of the state and Commonwealth.

  • Moot court

    Experience what it’s like to present a case in a courtroom in the Adelaide Law School’s fully equipped Moot Court. Our facilities provide law students with a complete experience in legal practice, regularly playing host to moot court competitions, debating, advocacy, mediation and other practical training

  • Free legal clinics

Exchange student

International experience

In addition to the University Global Learning opportunities we also offer a number of law-specific international study opportunities. With partner programs in Asia, Canada, and Europe, students are given unique insight into international legal systems through visits to international law courts and much more.

Alternatively, we also offer short-term study tour opportunities for students interested in international study who may be unable to commit to a full-length exchange program. 

Network & student bodies

The Adelaide Law School values its rich and diverse student body, and does its utmost to recognise the achievements and give back to the student community through initiatives such as the Next Step Program and Adelaide University Law Students Society, as well as regular events and public seminars presented by guest speakers.

Adelaide University Law Student's Society

An integral part of the Adelaide Law School experience, the AULSS represents students during their undergraduate studies, and acts as an integral link between the student body, the Law Faculty, the wider University community, and the legal industry after tertiary studies.

Lex Salus

Lex Salus is an initiative aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst law students. With research showing law students both in Australia and worldwide experience the highest levels of stress, anxiety, and depression out of all disciplines, Lex Salus aims to raise awareness of the importance of mental, physical, and nutritional health amongst our student body.

Prizes & scholarships

The Adelaide Law School has one of the most extensive financial incentive programs in the University, with over 60 law-specific prizes and scholarships on offer to our students each year. These are funded predominantly by alumni and sponsors who play an important role in encouraging excellence and supporting the next generation of leaders.

Facilities & academic support

Much of the legal research carried out in South Australia in the past 100 years has been done in our outstanding Law Library which has grown to be the most significant body of legal materials in the State. A special collection of books, publications, articles and periodicals in the Law Library evidences the considerable body of wide-ranging contributions made to legal writing by members of staff and graduates, in addition to judgments they have delivered in superior courts.

The University of Adelaide also offers a range of support services free of additional charge to assist students with academic writing, research, and mathematics.