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Established in 1883 The Adelaide Law School is a pioneer of law education and research in Australia, and is internationally recognised in the top 100 law schools worldwide.

Our core values include our commitment to the social good, critiquing the law from diverse perspectives, seeking new knowledge, and advocating for change. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the rule of law through upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, professional responsibility, and community service.

Through our leadership in the discipline of law we have a long established history of cooperative enterprise with the legal community. Our strong relationship with industry continues today through numerous initiatives including our industry advisory board, professional internships, and collaborative research partnershipsOur coursework is delivered by world class teaching staff who have vast experience in law and legal practice, as well as being highly qualified from some of the world’s finest institutions.

With over 135 years of producing graduates who have gone on to shape the world we live in, we know that a career in law is a valuable opportunity.

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Explore the Adelaide Law School experience including our student bodies, global opportunities, industry partnerships, and student support services.

Financial aid and scholarships

Our financial aid and scholarship assistance offerings aim to make study at the Adelaide Law School financially accessible to all and recognise high achievers.