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John Bray Law Scholarship

This scholarship has been established by the Law Alumni Network of the University of Adelaide to support one student for the final year of their Bachelor of Laws program.

The scholarship will provide $5,000 for one year towards a student's education and living costs.

This scholarship is open to students who are Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of Australia. Students must be undertaking the Bachelor of Laws program of study at the University of Adelaide on a full time basis as a Commonwealth Supported student.

Students must be able to demonstrate financial need and be able to provide supporting documentary evidence at the time of application, e.g. details of income tested Commonwealth income support payment, such as Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY benefits, or other details of their financial circumstances.

Selection will be made according to academic merit and financial need. Academic merit will be assessed based on students' cumulative Grade Point Averages for the Bachelor of Laws program for the preceding years.

John Bray Law Alumni Network Scholarship

Personal details
Permanent home address
Semester home address
What is your nationality?
(You may be required to provide confirmation of Aboriginality e.g. evidence of ABSTUDY or endorsement by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Organisation.) 
University study details
(e.g. Bachelor of Laws)
(e.g. Year 3)
*Full time study means that you are undertaking at least 75% of the maximum
full time student course load (at least 9 units per semester).
Are you undertaking study as a Commonwealth Supported student?
Have you applied for any other University scholarships?
Do you hold any other scholarships currently?
Supporting information
(i.e. what would you like to have achieved in the next 10 years?)
Financial situation
e.g. current Centrelink statements showing entitlements and rate of pay)
Documentary evidence MUST be supplied as soon as your benefit is approved. 
(e.g. current Centrelink statement showing entitlements and rate of pay or letter from Centrelink advising you of approval)
All applicants?
Income amount (per week)
Living expense (per week)

NOTE: This information is confidential to the Committee

This can include issues such as:

  • The distance you live from campus.
  • Your living arrangements.
  • How many income earners and dependants there are in your family.
  • Whether you and/or your family rent or own your home.
  • Whether you or any of your family members have illnesses or disabilities.
  • Whether you have any significant debts and any other issues relevant to you personally.

Personal Statement

I declare that the information I have supplied on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that if I am awarded the support and the University of Adelaide at any time thereafter forms the reasonable view that my application included false or misleading information or documentation, the support may be cancelled by the University of Adelaide and any funds I have been paid must be refunded.

I authorise the University of Adelaide to obtain such additional information deemed necessary to assess my application for this support.

I understand that the University of Adelaide will not disclose any information supplied on the application form or obtained for the selection process without my written consent. The information supplied will only be used for the selection process of this support program and will be managed in accordance with the University of Adelaide Privacy Policy and Management Plan available at

I understand that if I am awarded and accept the support, I will be obliged to comply with the terms and conditions of the support.