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Frequently Asked Questions

Application and Admission

  • When do applications open?

    Applications are now open and can be made via SATAC or current Adelaide Law School students may apply directly through Unified. For more information about applications, please visit Degree Finder or contact the Adelaide Law School or contact the Law Society on 8229 0200.

  • When will the first class be scheduled?

    The first seminar for Foundations of the GDLP for Trimester 1 2018will be held on 6 February (evening) or 9 February (day). The remaining 3 intakes commence 17 April (Term 2), 2 July (Term 3) and 9 October (Term 4) 2018.

  • I completed my degree interstate or overseas; can I still do the GDLP?

    Your undergraduate law qualifications will need to be accredited by the South Australian Board of Examiners. Applications should be made to the Law Society of South Australia. You should contact the Society to discuss what you will need to do for accreditation.

    The Board usually meets on the last Tuesday of the month and there are strict cut-off dates for inclusion in each meeting.

    Both you and the university will be notified of the Board’s outcome. However you will need to enrol for the GDLP separately.

    Should you have any questions please contact the Ethics and Practice Unit of the Society by email or on +61 8 8229 0200.

  • Can I apply to commence the GDLP if I have not completed my South Australian Law degree?

    You don’t have to wait until you have finished your South Australian Law degree to commence the GDLP, as long as you:

    • have completed all Academic Requirements for admission and
    • have no more than two academic subjects to complete the qualification at the point of commencement (and will be enrolled to complete the subject(s) while undertaking the GDLP) and
    • can provide a letter outlining permission granted to commence the GDLP from the Admitting Authority.

    All of these conditions must be in place prior to commencing the GDLP.

    The process for permission is managed by The Law Society of South Australia Ethics and Practice Unit.  All enquiries should be emailed to:

  • Can I apply to start the GDLP before I have graduated with my interstate LLB?

    Yes provided that you have met the Priestley 11 academic requirements for Admission however you cannot start the GDLP until your interstate LLB is accredited.

  • I'm an international student, how do I apply?

    As an International student the application process is slightly different. Please see Degree Finder for more information.

  • When can I hope to be admitted to practice?

    When you have successfully completed the GDLP, you can apply for direct admission to practise as a barrister and solicitor in South Australia. Admission dates are generally every month but your Notice of Intention and Statutory Declaration must be filed 28 days before the admission date.

  • When are the Admission Dates in South Australia?

    The local admitting authority prescribes the admission dates, and those dates along with a guide to admission can be found at the Law Society of SA.

    You can contact the Legal Practitioners Registry via email.

  • I want to practice overseas or interstate; will the GDLP allow me to do this?

    Once admitted in South Australia you can apply for mutual recognition from the admitting authority of the Australian state that you wish to practise in.

Studying the GDLP

  • Is the GDLP a full time course?

    For Centrelink purposes, the GDLP will be classed as full-time if you enrol for all courses over one or two semesters. Upon your successful enrolment we can provide your official enrolment confirmation to supply to Centrelink.

  • How many hours do I need to dedicate to the GDLP each week?

    It is suggested that you will need to dedicate 12-15 hours per week over most weeks and you will have 1 contact day per week with the exception of Foundations of the GDLP which has 2 contact days per week over 2 weeks.

  • How long does the GDLP take to complete?

    Generally 6-12 months but you can complete it over 3 years.

  • When do I attend seminars?

    It is recommended to attend all seminars that you are enrolled in. There are usually three class time options to choose from to attend so if you cannot get to one there is bound to be another time you can get to. Check the timetable for details.

  • Can I do the GDLP if I work full-time?

    Many students complete the GDLP while working full time as you have options to attend compulsory seminars during or outside of office hours. It really depends on your other commitments outside of work but if the workload becomes too challenging you can reduce your load by taking advantage of themultiple enrolment options for each unit throughout the year.

  • I am a University of Adelaide law student with electives outstanding; can I complete the program within 6 months?

    You should carefully consider your work load and personal commitments if you want to complete the GDLP within 6 months. For students that have demanding work, family or study commitments it may be more realistic to complete the program over 12 months. Upon applying we can discuss you individual circumstances with you.

  • How many electives do I need to complete?

    You are required to complete any two electives. Take care as other PLT providers may offer to reduce your placement days by increasing the number of electives you complete. Additional electives means additional course work and cost.

  • What electives are running in Semester 1 2018?

    Wills and Estates, Family Law, Employment and Industrial Relations and Criminal Law Practice.

  • The elective I want to do is not offered during the semester I am enrolled in

    We offer the most popular electives at least twice per calendar year, so chances are you will be able to complete your qualification within the timeframe you desire. If it is an elective we do not offer, talk to us about cross-institutional study.

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