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Sally Dipell

Bachelor of Laws

University of Adelaide student, Sally Dipell won the 2012 Prime Ministers Australia Asia Endeavour Award and is studying at the Chuo University Tokyo.

"I commenced my LLB later than most students, having completed a BA straight after school and then gone on to work for 10 years as an officer in the Australian Defence Force, which saw me deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan a number of times.

My initial reaction to being advised that I could apply for a Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Endeavour Award was one of excitement, quickly followed by dejection at the long application process. Several times I nearly talked myself out of applying, figuring I wouldn’t stand a chance, but my stubborn streak prevailed to ensure that I did finish and submit my application.

My award will see me studying law at Chuo University in Tokyo for one semester, after which I will complete an internship or two in international law firms. The opportunities that this scholarship provides are truly priceless: the connections I will establish, the comparison I will be able to make between the Australian and Japanese legal systems and the practical experience I will gain in the process. I cannot over-state the benefits that this award will have in terms of my future employability.

I strongly encourage eligible students to apply for this award. Whilst it is extremely competitive, it is one of the best scholarships on offer worldwide. The University of Adelaide runs a fantastic program, including an interview with senior academics, to assist students in perfecting their applications. We have one of the highest award receipt rates of any institution in Australia, so go for it—you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"

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