The major funders of The Woomera Manual Project are the University of Adelaide, the University of Exeter, the University of Nebraska College of Law and the University of New South Wales in Canberra. These Founding Universities are joined by other partners across the globe.

The senior representatives from each of the Founding Universities form the Board of Directors, who are responsible for managing the resources of the project and ensuring it delivers the anticipated outcome. The General Editors are responsible to the Board for managing the drafting of the Manual and they are assisted by two Managing Editors who are responsible for collating all the generated content (draft Rules and Commentaries) into one cohesive publication.

Board of Directors
Editorial Board and General Editors
Managing Editors
  • Mr Duncan Blake  Managing Editor and Director of the Secretariat
  • Ms Liis Vihul  former Managing Editor of the Tallinn Manual and CEO of Cyber Law International
Rapporteur and Project Manager