The Woomera Manual project is an international research project that is spearheaded by The University of Adelaide, The University of Exeter, the University Of Nebraska and the University of New South Wales - Canberra. Our mission is to develop a Manual that objectively articulates and clarifies existing international law applicable to military space operations.




RUMLAE Members Participate in Key Woomera Manual Editorial Meeting in Yokohama, Japan

  RUMLAE Director Prof Dale Stephens and RUMLAE Management Board member Dr Stacey Henderson recently attended a week long editorial meeting in Yokohama, Japan (unfortunately Prof Melissa de Zwart, an editorial member of the Project was unable to attend).  Representatives from the other leading Universities spearheading this project, namely Prof Jack Beard (University of Nebraska), …



Third Woomera Manual Plenary meeting in the Hague

The third working group meeting for the Woomera Manual project was held in the Hague between 5 & 9 August 2019.  The working group meeting was held in the Hague at the invitation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,  hosted by the Ministry of Defence through the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Representatives of the founding …



Second Woomera Manual Plenary Meeting in Nebraska, USA

The Woomera Manual’s Editorial and Management Board members, along with core experts and observers, attended the second Woomera Manual working group meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA on 25-28 February 2019.  Adelaide Law School was represented by RUMLAE members Professors Melissa de Zwart and Dale Stephens, Associate Professor Matthew Stubbs, Dr Stacey Henderson, and Duncan Blake …