Adelaide Law School operates a number of free legal advice services for members of the public in South Australia.

Our services are staffed by final year law students, and supervised by qualified solicitors. The services are confidential, and can assist with legal advice, letters, court documents, and dispute resolution. 

Adelaide Legal Outreach Services

Advice and legal support to assist clients with managing their own cases around child support, family, fines, contract issues and criminal law.

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Magistrates Court Legal Advice Service

Operating out of the Adelaide Magistrates Court, the Magistrate’s Court Legal Advice Service is a free legal clinic that assists with minor civil disputes.

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Equal Opportunity Legal Advice

Providing legal advice in areas such as discrimination, harassment and victimisation, assistance in drafting legal documentation, preparation for conciliation and Tribunal Hearings.

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For students

Clinical Legal Education Program

The Clinical Legal Education Program gives Adelaide Law School students the chance to work in Law School clinics or community legal services. 

The program aims to help students become better lawyers by involving them in the whole process of providing legal advice to real clients.

Clinical Legal Education Program

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Clinic Referral Guides

The Clinic Referral Guides have been created by past students of the Clinical Legal Education Program, at the Adelaide Legal Outreach Service (ALOS) and Equal Opportunity Legal Advice Service (EOLAS).

These Guides are resources for students undertaking the program, and for other organisations in the community, in referring clients to tailored services that they need access to.

ALOS Referral Guide   EOLAS Referral Guide