Magistrates Court Legal Advice Service

MCLAS deals with disputes that fall within the Minor Civil Claims jurisdiction. 

This service does not include criminal matters, civil matters outside the Minor Civil Claims jurisdiction, family law or personal injury claims. The types of matters dealt with include:

Fencing disputes Building disputes
Claims in negligence Contractual disputes and other types of matters
Household construction Debt
Strata titles Land
Utilities Child maintenance 

MCLAS encourages people to resolve disputes by mediation before they get to court. To find out about mediation, explore the following:

Information guides

MCLAS students in this video step you through what to expect at your first interview with us. It will assist you with thinking about your problem and ensure you bring what we need to assist you.

MCLAS students have prepared a mini-series providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to serve documents upon another party according to the law.

MCLAS students have prepared an easy to use referral guide designed to assists members of the community with the access to justice they need. They have compiled a guide that focusses on all areas of law and provides services that offer free legal assistance for those areas of concern. This referral guide is useful for both members of the public and community services.


Please follow the step by step guide below on how to fill in court firms.

Final notice claim

Serving documents

Making a claim


Applying to sign judgment