Magistrates Court Legal Advice Service

Run by the Adelaide Law School students under the supervision of experienced lawyers, Magistrates Court Legal Advice Service (MCLAS) is a free legal advice service that assists with disputes in the minor civil claims division of the Adelaide Magistrates Court. 

  • We can assist you with:

    • Providing legal advice.
    • Drafting court documents.
    • Lodging a claim.
    • Explaining court processes.
    • Managing your own claim.
    • Alternative dispute resolution options.
    • Referral to other relevant agencies.
  • Practice areas

    • Fencing disputes.
    • Building disputes.
    • Negligence claims.
    • Contractual disputes.
    • Debt and debt recovery.
    • Property disputes (including Strata and Community Titles).
  • What is a minor civil claim?

    It is a matter worth $12,000 or less. 

    It involves a variety of issues, examples including but not limited to:

    • when your property has been damaged (i.e. your car in a car accident);
    • when you have loaned money to someone and they have not paid it back;
    • when you are owed wages by an employer;
    • when you are having a dispute with your neighbour.
Magistrates Court

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Operating hours: 10am-1pm Mondays and Tuesdays


Phone: +61 8 8204 2444

Location:  Magistrates Court , 260 Victoria Square, Adelaide

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Useful resources

We encourage people to resolve disputes by mediation before they get to court. To find out about mediation, explore the following: