Our people

Management Board

Director Dale Stephens

Professor Dale Stephens CSM is Director of RUMLAE and co-editor of the RUMLAE eJournal. He is a Captain in the Royal Australian Navy Reserve who spent over 20 years as a permanent officer in the Navy before taking up his appointment at Adelaide Law School.

He has occupied numerous staff officer appointments throughout his career in the Australian Defence Force, including Fleet Legal Officer, Command Legal Officer (Naval Training Command), Chief Legal Officer Strategic Operations Command, Director of Operational and International Law, Deputy Director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Military Law (a joint venture with Melbourne University Law School), Director Navy Legal and Director of the Military Law Centre. He has deployed twice to East Timor (INTERFET & UNTAET) and twice to Iraq (Baghdad) in senior legal officer positions and has provided extensive advice to Government at the strategic level.

During his time in the ADF, Professor Stephens was involved in providing legal advice regarding numerous operational, disciplinary and administrative law issues, including fisheries, customs and immigration matters within Australia's maritime zones, combined operations with other military forces, UN Peace Operations, drafting Rules of Engagement, implementation of international treaties including the International Criminal Court Convention as well as numerous weapons reviews. In the early 2000's Professor Stephens was part of the Australian delegation to UNESCO negotiating the Underwater Cultural Heritage Convention.  In the mid 2000's he taught at the U.S. Naval War College located in Newport, Rhode Island as a faculty member of the International Law Department. In 2010 was seconded to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet as a senior advisor on Afghanistan.  In more recent years he has taught National Security Law as well as a number of military law subjects at the ANU College of Law.  He is currently Head of the combined SA/NT Navy Legal Reserve Panel. He is Director of the Adelaide Military Law Program and a member of the Ploughshares/McGill University/George Washington University Strategic Space Index Consortium. He was awarded his Doctorate from Harvard Law School in 2014

Deputy Director Professor Melissa de Zwart

Professor Melissa de Zwart has a keen interest in the intersection between law and technology. Prior to joining academia, she was the Manager, Corporate Legal Services, CSIRO, where she advised on protection and commercialisation of cutting edge technology. Her areas of research focus primarily on innovative technologies and the digital domain.

She has published widely on internet content regulation, copyright, social media, virtual worlds, surveillance and outer space. Melissa is frequently asked to advise on social media and technology issues to judges, the media, schools and government. In 2015 she was the Team Leader of the AdelaideX Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security MOOC which has attracted over 32,000 students globally. From 2017, she has been Dean, Adelaide Law School.

Stacey Henderson

Dr Stacey Henderson is a Lecturer at the University of Adelaide Law School. She is an early career researcher who successfully completed her PhD focussing on non-forceful responses to atrocity crimes, for which she was awarded a Deans Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence, in early 2018. Staceys research focusses on the protective capacity of law, including international law generally, responsibility of States and governance of outer space and space technology. Stacey teaches in several courses at Adelaide Law School, including Commercial Law and International Law.

Colette Langos

Dr Colette Langos is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide Law School. She holds a double degree in Law and Arts from the University of Adelaide, a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Law Society of South Australia), a Masters of Commercial Law from Deakin University and a PhD in Law from the University of South Australia. She specialises in teaching Commercial Law to business students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Colettes academic research interests include technology law and operational commercial law in a military context. Colette is an active member of multiple professional associations and is a member of the Commercial Law Division of the University of Adelaide Research Unit on Military Law & Ethics (RUMLAE). She is the Program Coordinator for Operational Commercial Law Program (Professional Certificate in Operational Commercial Law and Graduate Certificate in Operational Commercial Law).

Matthew Stubbs

Dr Matthew Stubbs is an Associate Professor in the Law School at the University of Adelaide. His research and teaching is focussed in the areas of human rights, constitutional law and international law. Associate Professor Stubbs has received prizes for his outstanding teaching, and for his extensive work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law students, at Faculty (2008, 2012, 2014), University (2008, 2012, 2013) and National level (2009, 2013). Associate Professor Stubbs is involved with professional bodies in the law and academia, and is the Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Law Society of South Australia and a member of the Law Council of Australia's National Human Rights Committee.

Kellie Toole

Ms Kellie Toole joined the permanent staff of the Adelaide Law School as a full-time academic in 2012 after having practiced as a criminal defence lawyer. She teaches in Evidence Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, and Military Disciplinary Law. Her interest in both legal practice, teaching and research is at the intersection of criminal law and human rights law, and she is undertaking a PhD on how prosecutors decide whether to prosecute particular cases.

Our researchers

Judith Bannister

Dr Judith Bannister teaches and researches in Administrative Law and Intellectual Property. She has combined qualifications in law and librarianship to develop her research in the field of regulation of information access: her work integrates freedom of information, copyright and confidential information. She has a PhD from the Australian National University in the field of information law.

Margaret Castles

Before commencing her academic career, Margaret Castles worked as a litigation solicitor and a policy lawyer with the Commonwealth Government, with experience in the areas of civil litigation, administrative law, OHS and child support law. She also has extensive experience as a member of appellate tribunals in SA and the Commonwealth.

Mark Giancaspro

Dr Mark Giancaspro is a Lecturer at the University of Adelaide Law School. He holds an honours degree in Laws and Legal Practice from Flinders University and a PhD from the University of Adelaide. His legal employment background and research interests are both primarily commercial, with issues in contract law and its various applications being his principal theme. Mark teaches in contract law, business law, sports law and tort law and has published widely on matters including issues with the formation and renegotiation of contracts, the doctrine of consideration, and contractual issues in sport. He is on the editorial committee for the Alternative Law Journal and is a member (Commercial Law) of the Adelaide University Research Unit on Military Law & Ethics (RUMLAE).

Paul Leadbeter

Paul Leadbeter joined the Adelaide Law School in January 2010 as a Senior Lecturer. Prior to that he had been a partner in the Adelaide law firm, Norman Waterhouse where as a member of that firm's Environment and Planning team he had provided advice and representation to the firm's significant local government client base and private clients.

Ian Henderson

Group Captain Ian Henderson AM is a member of the Royal Australian Air Force Legal Corps. He holds a PhD from Melbourne University. He has previously deployed on operations to East Timor (INTERFET), Afghanistan and the Middle East. His exceptional service in the field of military law was recognised, being made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2011. His postings have included Senior Prosecutor Office of Military Prosecutions, Deputy Director Military Discipline Law and Law of Armed Conflict and Maritime Law Advisor, CENTCOM. His most recent posting was as Director of the Military Law Centre. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide.