RUMLAE aims to facilitate the emergence of a creative inter-disciplinary dialogue on contemporary challenges in the areas of military law, national security, international law, military justice, international relations, strategic policy and space law.

Special Projects

RUMLAE has recently produced research in:

  • Contemporary challenges in military law and ethics
  • Naval Warfare
  • Space Law
  • International Law
  • Privacy, surveillance and big data
  • Protection and cultural property

RUMLAE is a member of the Law of Armed Conflict and Military Operations (LACMO) Research Network. The LACMO Network brings together 20 research centres and groups from universities across the globe to cooperate and collaborate in their research goals. LACMO Network members research in the areas of international humanitarian law, the law of armed conflict, military operational law, military aspects of cyber-security and warfare, and other areas of law connected to military operations. Members of the LACMO Network include the Harvard Law School, US Naval War College, the University of Exeter and UNSW Canberra.