Accredited Grading Opportunities

Becoming a member of a dispute resolution organisation

Resolution Institute is the largest not-for-profit membership organisation of dispute resolvers in the Australasian region.

Members of the Resolution Institute are able to build professional connections with other arbitrators, adjudicators and mediators, have access to a range of professional development opportunities and take advantage of the grading and accreditation services that Resolution Institute offers to resolution professionals.

Grading as an arbitrator

A member of Resolution Institute, on completion of the Professional Certificate in Arbitration, may apply to become a Grade 3 arbitrator and to be included on the Resolution Institute’s register of arbitrators. Suitably qualified arbitrators may later apply to become Grade 2 or Grade 1 arbitrators.

To become a Grade 3 arbitrator, an applicant must meet Resolution Institute’s requirements in relation to education, professional standing, relevant knowledge, skills and experience. The Professional Certificate satisfies the Resolution Institute's educational requirements for initial grading.

Completion of the Professional Certificate in Arbitration and the rigorous grading process offered by Resolution Institute provides both a firm foundation to support arbitrators’ professional business development activities and confidence to the commercial community and to courts. Success in gaining arbitration work is reliant on arbitrators appropriately promoting their services, building networks with potential clients and seeking opportunities to offer arbitration. Completing the Certificate and grading do not by themselves guarantee work in arbitration.

To find out more about arbitration, the work of an arbitrator and the process of arbitration grading please email Resolution Institute: