Student Editors

Students with exceptional academic records in the Bachelor of Laws program will be invited to serve as Student Editors of the Adelaide Law Review in their final year of law studies (often in conjunction with completion of Adelaide Law School’s Honours program).

Student Editors enrol in the Adelaide Law Review courses LAW3506A/B or LAW 6003A/B. The courses introduce students to legal publishing and editing. Students consider the role of legal publications, critically analyse submitted material and comment upon developments in the law. Students develop skills in advanced legal writing, copy-editing and journal production.

Student enquiries regarding the Adelaide Law Review courses should be directed to the Editor in Chief.

The top students in these courses each year are awarded the Adelaide Law Review prize and serve as Associate Editors of the Review in the following year. Associate Editorship is thus an important mark of academic distinction. Prior to 2018, Associate Editors were described as Senior Student Editors of the Review.