Research Unit for Law and Education (RULE)

To develop and promote world class research on the varied and important intersections between law and education. 

Law and education intersect in varied and important ways, including with regard to the regulation of education and the teaching profession, the right to education, rights and protections available to students and teachers. The University of Adelaide Law School includes a variety of academics engaging in individual and collaborative Australian and international projects in this space, including both empirical and doctrinal research.

This research area is undertaken by the Research Unit for Law and Education (RULE).  The Inaugural Director of RULE is Anne Hewitt, and the strategic direction of the unit is determined with input from an advisory council including:

  • Emerita Professor Margaret Thornton, ANU
  • Emerita Professor Rosemary Owens AO, The University of Adelaide
  • Dr Kate Galloway, immediate past president of the Legal Education Review, Griffith
  • Dr Deanna Grant Smith, QUT

Our projects

Our researchers are making a difference in the real world of law by conducting research into how to facilitate equitable and inclusive education, critiquing the regulation of internships in Australia and overseas, and considering novel, dynamic, and world class ways to learn, teach and assess. 

Further information

For further information about RULE please contact Anne Hewitt at

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