Law for Canadian Students

Have you thought about studying Law in Australia? The Adelaide Law School offers a seamless route from your high school to the practice of law in Canada.

In Australia, you can study a Bachelor of Laws directly after high school or after undergraduate university studies. You don't need an undergraduate degree to get into Law School, although if you already have an undergraduate degree the duration of your law degree will be reduced to three years full time as opposed to four years for non-graduates.

  • The Australian Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is equivalent to the Canadian JD
  • Studying law in Australia is similar to Canada due to our shared common law heritage
  • LSAT is not required for entry into law school

The Adelaide Law School has established the Specialized Graduate Diploma in Canadian Law with its partner, the Université de Montréal Faculty of Law which allows Adelaide LLB students to complete National Committee on Accreditation requirements as part of their three- or four-year Adelaide LLB. 

What's it like to study in Adelaide

Find out more about our campus culture in one of the world's most liveable cities.

Canadians: Study Law in Australia

Lidia Ursache

"What really attracted me to the University of Adelaide Law School is that it's very well-known internationally and ranks one of the highest in the world. - it's on par with the University of Toronto and Oslo Law School. What's really nice about the campus is that it's in the heart of the city. While it's been very challenging it's actually been a very rewarding experience and I'm really glad that I made this decision."

Lidia Ursache, Toronto
Bachelor of Laws (Grad entry)

Matthew Pender

"There is a magic to the University and that part of the city. The campus backs onto the river, which has kilometres of beautiful pathways to walk in either direction. Cross the street and one block over is a large outdoor mall. Just down the street is art, the courthouses, convention centres… everything that could stimulate the mind is located clustered around the campus. In many ways, I regret that my degree was only 3 years so that I could have stayed and soaked up more of the environment and the city.”

Matthew Pender, Alberta
Bachelor of Laws

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