Lex Salus

Lex Salus was founded in 2013 by the Adelaide Law School. Lex Salus is an initiative of the Adelaide Law School aimed at raising law student awareness of the importance of mental, physical and nutritional health across all year levels of the degree, and of the various counselling, disability and equity services both within and outside the University that can provide help.

Research shows that law students, both in Australia and in many jurisdictions around the world, experience the highest levels of stress, anxiety and depression out of any other discipline. Many do not get enough sleep, maintain a healthy diet or achieve a realistic work/life balance. Making matters worse, they are unwilling or afraid to speak up for fear of feeling 'weak' or because of the negative stigma that attaches to seeking help. Lex Salus is dedicated to tackling these problems head-on.

Lex Salus has continued to provide students with ongoing activities, free lunches and/or breakfasts, and workshops. The Lex Salus program is continuing to grow and raise awareness amongst the Adelaide Law School staff and student body.

In line with the recommendations in the Council of Australian Law Deans (CALD) Good Practice Guidelines for Promoting Law Student Well-Being (2013), this project critically assists us both to determine those negative factors afflicting the Adelaide law student cohort and to develop and implement strategies directly addressing these. By addressing such negative factors we seek to accomplish our aims of increasing student retention, improving student health and success, and promoting inclusion.

Lex Salus Patron

The Honourable Chief Justice Chris Kourakis of the Supreme Court of SA is our current Lex Salus Patron. We are very proud to be supported by a highly respected and high standing legal professional.