International Students

The Adelaide Law School is a home away from home, and we value the diverse perspectives our international students bring to the classroom and community.

Canadians: study law in Australia

The Adelaide Law School offers a seamless route from your high school to the practice of law in Canada. In Australia, you can study a Bachelor of Laws directly after high school or after undergraduate university studies. You don't need an undergraduate degree to get into Law School, although if you already have an undergraduate degree the duration of your law degree will be reduced to three years full time as opposed to four years for non-graduates.

  • The Australian Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is equivalent to the Canadian JD
  • Studying law in Australia is similar to Canada due to our shared common law heritage
  • LSAT is not required for entry into law school

The Adelaide Law School offers Principles of Canadian Law, a preparatory course on the materials required to write and pass the five NCA programs which will count as an elective towards completion of the LLB. The preparation course includes Principles of Canadian Administrative Law, Canadian Constitutional Law, Canadian Criminal Law and procedure, Foundations of Canadian Law and Canadian Professional Responsibility.

Canadian applicants 

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Practising law with an overseas qualification

Legal practitioners with overseas qualifications which are recognised by the Board of Examiners who are required to study a limited number of subject areas in order to complete the Court's requirements for admission may complete the relevant courses in the LLB program as a non-award student or pass an overseas practitioner examination.

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