Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP)

The Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) is your pathway to practice, equipping you with real-world experience and transferable skills to see you excel in the legal profession and beyond.

Delivered by the Adelaide Law School in partnership with the Law Society of South Australia, the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice is designed and taught by South Australian barristers and solicitors to ensure you hit the ground running upon graduation with the practical skills and academic rigour needed to practice law.

Graduates from The University of Adelaide are well connected to peers and alumni in the legal community, giving you an edge in the market.

Program structure

Rich in both theory and practical components, the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice is comprised of 6 core courses (including a legal work experience placement), and 2 electives in an area of your interest.

Core courses Electives
Lawyer's Skills Criminal Law Practice*
Civil Litigation and Practice Family Law Practice
Commercial and Corporate Law Practice Employment and Industrial Relations Practice
Property Law Practice Planning and Environmental Law Practice*
Professional Obligations Wills and Estates Practice*
Work Experience Placement Administrative Law Practice*
  Consumer Law Practice*

    * Offered both face-to-face and online in 2024.

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    Fees, scholarships and awards

    Eligible domestic candidates have the option of deferring the cost of their tuition to FEE-HELP.

    Scholarship support is funded by The University of Adelaide and The Law Student Society through the GDLP Indigenous Law Student Scholarship Program. This scholarship provides full tuition funding for one Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander GDLP student per year. For more information on scholarship eligibility and application, please visit the Law Society website.

    The Nyland Caruso Prize, funded by generous donations from the Hon Margaret Nyland AM and Mr David Caruso, celebrates up to 3 high performing students each year in the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

    Brittany Farinola

    Brittany Farinola

    “Many of the seminars are taught by current legal practitioners, it is an invaluable opportunity to network with them, and learn about the practical aspects of the profession. This also provides a chance to engage, ask questions, and seek help directly, which was something I was concerned about with many of the online GDLP providers. In addition to this, seminars are a great way to work collaboratively with other students, many of whom will soon become future colleagues.”

    LLB, GDLP graduate