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  • Exploring Australia’s China Strategy in Antarctic Governance

    Exploring Australia’s China Strategy in Antarctic Governance

    Drawing a roadmap for Australia’s engagement with China in Antarctic governance to fulfil its Antarctic Strategy and 20 Year Action Plan. This Workshop will bring together a number of distinguished Australian and Chinese scholars and policymakers to address future opportunities and challenges for Australia-China relations in Antarctica.

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Conflict in Outer Space will happen: Legal Experts

Conflict in Outer Space will happen: Legal Experts

Space and military law experts from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States have joined forces to take the lead on understanding how our Earth-bound laws will be applied in times of armed conflict in outer space.

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Amos Washington

2018 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations

"In 2018, we will be asking the question ‘what would Australia look like if young people were given a greater say?’ I hope that through this year’s Youth Representative program, we can provide opportunities for young people to be involved in policy discussions that affect them."
- Amos Washington

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West Mosul – where the old city once stood

International Humanitarian Law in Action

There are multiple ways that an Adelaide Law School degree can lead you to pathways you could not fathom when in the Law School. An Adelaide Law School graduate Priya Pavri (and former President of the AULSS) has spent the last 9 months in war torn Iraq dealing with the humanitarian crisis over there.  

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Marriage Equality

A good 12 months for law reform in South Australia

While the nation is still grappling with the public debate around same-sex marriage, our state has taken a huge leap forward in recognising relationships of all kinds with the establishment of a formal Relationships Register.

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Laws for the final frontier

War in space, once confined to sci-fi fiction, is now a real threat to the safety of life on Earth. But a University of Adelaide legal expert has joined a research consortium, tasked at developing a new set of laws which will be sanctioned for the final frontier.

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