RUMLAE Director presents at Leadership Seminar at The Australian Tax Office

RUMLAE Director Professor Dale Stephens recently provided a keynote presentation at The Australian Tax Office (ATO) 'Leadership Skills Day'.

The event was organized by ATO Data Scientist Ms Samantha Papavasiliou and her team and was dedicated to exploring and enhancing leadership skills in Australian Public Service Officers.  The theme of the seminar was 'Leadership: Challenges and Resilience' and Prof Stephens spoke about his role in the Navy, his current role at Adelaide Law School and the manner in which the law has provided the framework for shaping strategic decision making. The session was extremely well attended by ATO APS staff and gave rise to a very engaging Q & A session where questions relating to what 'success' looked like from an Australian Government perspective, the power of resilience and strategies for its maintenance could be developed consistently with Australian Government goals and how Departmental cultures across the Cth Govt could be better understood and differences overcome.

Prof Dale Stephens Tax Law

 Prof Dale Stephens presenting keynote speech at The Australian Tax Office

 Prof Dale Stephens and Ms Samantha Papavasiliou

Prof Dale Stephens and Ms Samantha Papavasiliou

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