Meiji Gakuin students visit the Parliament of South Australia and Parliament Library

On the last day of their study tour, the Meiji Gakuin students visited the Parliament of South Australia. The day started with a morning stroll on North Terrace where students were told about the importance of Dame Roma Mitchell to the legal profession.

We were then welcomed by Natalie Young, Community Education Officer, SA Parliament and Adelaide Law School alumni. Natalie  introduced the history of the building before guiding the students through to the House of Assembly, the Legislative Council and the parliament corridors. There, she provided insights in the how the Parliament makes law and students gained a fantastic insight into this legislative body.

Dr John Weste, Parliamentary Librarian, showed the students some books and maps from the Rare Collection on Japanese History. His humour and passion for his collection shone through and the students were very engaged with the amazing collection they found themselves looking at.

The Adelaide Law School is very grateful for the commitment to teaching and passion both Natalie Young and Dr John Weste both demonstrated on that day.

The Adelaide Law School wish the students all the best and hope that they will keep happy memories of their time in Adelaide.


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