ARC success on solar radiation management project

Congratulations to Dr Kerryn Brent, Lecturer within the Adelaide Law School who will be working alongside peers from the University of Tasmania, on a research project successful in the latest Australian Research Council’s Discovery Grants round. 

The project aims to support an expansion in Australia’s climate response options by developing a governance framework for research, development and implementation of solar radiation management.  

Earth solar management

What is solar radiation management? 

Researchers all over the world are looking to develop new technologies to help manage climate change. One area of focus is solar radiation management – reducing the amount of energy from the sun that reaches earth to cool temperatures on a regional or global scale. Scientists are exploring various ways of achieving this, including injecting minute reflective particles into the stratosphere to have a global cooling effect, and brightening marine clouds to prevent coral bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef. 

The development of national laws and research policies to responsibly govern research, development and deployment of solar radiation management in Australia will help manage risks and build public confidence in these emerging technologies. This research will also provide a best practice model for other countries.

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