Bridging the gap between theory and practice with law student Mario Pegoli

The decision to study Law was an easy choice for Master of Laws “Access to Justice” student Mario Pegoli, who has always had an interest in legal processes and resolving disputes.

Mario Pegoli

Commencing his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at the University of Adelaide in 2015, Mario appreciated the broadening aspects that an education in Law could give him in his career.

“I saw studying law as an opportunity to upskill, gain knowledge, increase understanding, and challenge myself.”

The University of Adelaide was appealing to Mario, especially the Adelaide Law School, which is well respected in the community and known for its quality of teaching staff.

“The Adelaide Law School has some exceptional Lecturers and Seminar leaders and you notice the focus on quality learning outcomes.”

While there were many drawcards for the Master of Laws offered by the Adelaide Law School, the option to gain practical experience and professional networks through the ‘Access to Justice program, a specialisation within the Master of Laws, was an unmissable opportunity for Mario. 

“This program offers a practical component in which you work with an outstanding legal firm and the University of Adelaide for social justice outcomes.”Mario Pegoli

As part of the Master of Laws ‘Access to Justice’ specialisation, Mario has had the opportunity to build further upon his practical experience by participating in The Accessible Justice Project. The Accessible Justice Project, offered only to postgraduate students who choose the Access to Justice speciality, is a joint initiative created by LK and the University of Adelaide. The practice operates as a not-for-profit, offering dispute resolution services to community members who may not have otherwise had access to legal assistance. Students involved in The Accessible Justice Project practise alongside senior solicitors from LK, and are given support every step of the way, all the while being paid for their services. 

“The Accessible Justice Project experience and the ability to apply your learnings is excellent. You lead and progress matters and make a real difference whilst getting some great support and mentorship.”

The practical and profound experience gained through The Accessible Justice Project has provided Mario with critical soft skills, essential for his professional development and future career in law.

Access to Justice Group Photo 4

“I have upskilled in negotiation, enhanced my problem-solving abilities, and furthered my understanding of the court process. I am more experienced and have a much better understanding of the legal process, litigation pathways and dispute resolution.”

But it is the people he has met during his study and in the Project that has made the biggest impact on his development as a legal professional.

“The support provided by the Managing Lawyers is outstanding as you gain great insight from some very well respected and knowledgeable people; this both improves and accelerates your learning.”

For Mario, the most rewarding part of this experience has been the impact he has made in the community.

 “You make a difference. You deal with clients from day one and help resolve their matters. The problems range in complexity and detail; it is exciting!”

Through the experiences gained in his Master of Laws studies, as well as his practical work with The Accessible Justice Project, Mario hopes to progress his career and utilise his sharpened skills to continue to resolve disputes and assist in creating outcomes that provide significant benefit to his clients and the community.

The Master of Laws ‘Access to Justice’ specialisation gives aspiring legal professionals the opportunity to gain practical skills and make an impact in the community. With the chance to be mentored by senior staff from leading legal firm LK through The Accessible Justice Project, graduates are set up with the skills and networks necessary for a successful career in law and beyond. For more information, please visit the Master of Laws ‘Access to Justice website or read further about the specialisation in our Master of Laws ‘Access to Justice’ article.

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