Joseph Chu is a finalist in the Top100 Future Leaders Competition

Joseph Chu

The Top100 Future Leaders Competition recognises top-performing university students and gives them a head start on their graduate careers. The award enables students to build networks with Australia’s top employers. 

Third year Bachelor of Laws student, Joseph Chu is one of four finalists from the University of Adelaide for 2021.

Why did you choose to study Law at The University of Adelaide?

My study journey in Adelaide Law School is quite unconventional. Before graduating from year 12, I was accepted to study in the Middle East with a full scholarship, and I was to begin in September of the next year. This left me with a six month gap between graduating high school and beginning university overseas, and so I did what any time-savvy person would do - go to Adelaide Law School for six months. During that semester, I got to immerse myself in the study of law, and at that point, was only planning to complete that one semester.

With the help of Alex Jones and other law school staff, I was able to re-commence my studies as a graduate student, and have not regretted it since.Joseph Chu

However, upon my return to Adelaide after six years of studying and then working in the Middle East, a friend of mine, who is a practicing lawyer and graduate of Adelaide Law School, suggested that I complete my studies in law. Having worked and seen the immense impact, relevance and importance of law in everything across society, I saw completing my studies at Adelaide Law School to be an invaluable opportunity to develop my legal skills whilst honing my skills in advocacy and communication amongst others. With the help of Alex Jones and other law school staff, I was able to re-commence my studies as a graduate student, and have not regretted it since. 

What inspired you to nominate for the Top100 Future Leaders?

I had not known about the Top100 Future Leaders competition until Michelle McKinnon, my career counsellor at Career Services, suggested that I apply. While at first I approached applying to the competition from curiosity more than anything else, I soon saw how the competition was both an opportunity to develop skills needed for the future while also meeting other exceptional students from around Australia.

The competition was modeled after the graduate application processes of many companies, and through the written application, aptitude tests, video interviews and finally a day of online assessment, I was able to both reflect on all my experiences and accomplishments, and practice applying them to different situations. However, above all it was a desire to have a positive impact on my community that kept me going in the competition, as I believe that any skill or experience can be adapted and used to help us achieve our goals down the line.  

How have you developed your leadership skills while studying? 

Studying at Adelaide Law School has helped me develop my ability to advocate for a perspective whilst being able to receive, appreciate and respond to different opinions in a respectful way. Student clubs such as the Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students (FOCUS) and the Australia China Youth Association (AYCA) are also great places where I can learn from others while sharing my own perspectives. As a result, both my studies and extra-curricular involvements have offered me practical opportunities to develop as a well-rounded leader who can communicate effectively, empathise and build bridges across cultures, languages and beliefs. 

The Top100 Future Leaders Competition runs annually. Check out the University of Adelaide's Career Services to find out more about our past winners and their application experience. 

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