Governing Solar Radiation Management Research, Development and Deployment

This project will expand Australia’s climate response options by developing a governance framework for research, development and deployment of solar radiation management.

Geological formation at Hallet Cove

These emerging technologies seek to reflect part of the sun’s energy from the earth to reduce climate change impacts. Through case studies of key proposals, marine cloud brightening and stratospheric aerosol injection, the project aims to develop national laws and research policies to responsibly govern research, development and deployment in Australia. This will deliver benefits for Australian governments, civil society, communities and researchers by managing risks and building public confidence in these technologies and provide a best practice model for other countries. 

This project is funded by ARC Discovery Grant DP210102296, and is led out of the University of Tasmania in collaboration with Prof Jan McDonald and A/Prof Jeffrey McGee

Project outputs

The project will generate a set of recommendations for best-practice solar radiation governance.