Law and Religion

Lawyers reading at a table

The law and religion project is diverse in its scope of research with the principle objective being to create a space for dialogue on significant issues involving the relationship between religion and the law. Our researchers not only consider what the law is, but also openly ask: What ought the law be?

Project outputs

  • Paul Babie, Joshua Neoh, James Krumrey-Quinn, and Chong Tsang, Religion and Law in Australia (hard-copy and e-pub) (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 3rd ed, 2022)
  • Paul Babie and Michael Trainor, Neo-liberalism and the Biblical Voice: Owning and Consuming (Routledge, 2018)
  • Paul Babie, ‘A Patristic Reflection on Taxation Justice’ in Robert F van Brederode (ed), Christian Perspectives on the Role of the State, Justice, and Taxation (Springer, 2024 forthcoming)
  • Paul Babie, ‘American Constitutional Experience and the Interpretation of the Australian Religion Guarantees’ in Renae Barker, Camilla Andersen, and Mohammad Alrashed (eds), Comparative Approaches to Law and Religion (Routledge, 2024 forthcoming)
  • Paul Babie, ‘All Roads Lead to New Rome: The Canonical Origins and Status of the Orthodox and Greek Catholic Churches of Ukraine’ (2023) 25(2) Ecclesiastical Law Journal 211-236
  • Paul Babie and Colette Langos, ‘Social Media, Free Speech, and Religious Freedom’ (2020) 20 Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion 239-291