Research on Nuclear Law

RUMLAE is currently engaged to outline the system of domestic and international regulation applicable to the use of nuclear power in Australia, as the framework for the new Adelaide Law School Professional Certificate in Nuclear Law.

Graphic of an atom

With the AUKUS agreement and the planned acquisition of nuclear submarines in Australia, the legal framework which governs the conduct of such activities has gained new relevance. The project seeks to investigate and outline the law governing: the use of nuclear power sources generally; the transfer of nuclear technologies between States; the management of any accidents and liability for damage or injury caused; nuclear waste; and the use of nuclear-powered submarines. It has a particular focus on the various international treaties to which Australia is party, and how these inform our domestic law. It will also interrogate issues of policy and international relations for Australia as it embarks in this area.

Project outputs

The research forms the framework for the Professional Certificate in Nuclear Law postgraduate course which will be run out of the Adelaide Law School. This course is a unique offering within Australia, with particular modern relevance. Interest levels have been very high and it promises great academic and reputational gains for the Law School.