The Woomera Manual

The Woomera Manual

Since 2018, RUMLAE has been involved in developing a manual identifying the international legal framework for the conduct of military space activities and operations.

The aim was, firstly, to set out the existing law applicable to such operations, as informed by State practice, as a practical resource to help guide decision-making by States, militaries and commercial providers of space services. A secondary aim was to encourage an ongoing dialogue about how this body of law should be developed to better protect humanity from the threat of hostile action occurring in or in relation to outer space.

  • Project researchers

    in conjunction with parallel research initiatives at partner universities including the University of Nebraska, Georgetown University, the University of Exeter and the University of New South Wales Canberra.

Project outputs

The Woomera Manual on the International Law of Military Space Activities and Operations will be released by Oxford University Press in May 2024. It is a comprehensive, closely-researched manual satisfying all the intended aims of the project and will be an invaluable resource for anyone making decisions in regard to space activities.