Courts within Government and Society

In this project we evaluate the tools that courts use to uphold the rule of law in a changing society.

Project outputs

  • Books

    • Joe Tomlinson and Anne Carter (eds), Facts in Public Law Adjudication (Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2023)
    • Anne Carter, Proportionality and Facts in Constitutional Adjudication (Hart Publishing, 2022)
    • Gabrielle Appleby, Anna Olijnyk, James Stellios, and John Williams, Judicial Federalism in Australia: History, Theory, Doctrine and Practice (Federation Press, 2021)
  • Peer reviewed journal articles

    • Janina Boughey and Anne Carter, ‘Constitutional Freedoms and Statutory Executive Power’ (2022) 45(3) Melbourne University Law Review 903
    • Anne Carter, ‘Moving Beyond the Common Law Objection to Structured Proportionality’ (2021) 49(1) Federal Law Review 73
    • Felicity Bell, Michael Legg, Joe McIntyre and Anna Olijnyk, ‘The Use of Technology (and Other Measures) to Increase Court Capacity’ (2021) 8(2) International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution 102
    • Gabrielle Appleby and Anne Carter, ‘Parliaments, Proportionality and Facts’ (2021) 43(3) Sydney Law Review 259
    • Gabrielle Appleby and Anna Olijnyk, ‘Executive Policy Development and Constitutional Norms: Practice and Perception’ (2021) International Journal of Constitutional Law 1
  • Book chapters

    • Anna Olijnyk, ‘Constitutional Interpretation and the Australian People’ in Anna Olijnyk and Alexander Reilly (eds), The Australian Constitution and National Identity (ANU Press, 2023) 39
    • Anna Olijnyk and Joe McIntyre, ‘Public Law Limits on Automated Courts’ in Janine Boughey and Katie Miller (eds), The Automated State: Implications, Challenges and Opportunities for Public Law (Federation Press, 2021) 89
  • Academic talks, presentations and panels

    • Anne Carter, ‘Farm Transparency International v NSW, the Implied Freedom of Political Communication and Privacy’, Gilbert + Tobin Constitutional Law Conference, 10 February 2023 (invited speaker)
    • Anna Olijnyk, ‘Justice and Efficiency in Complex Commercial Litigation’, Singapore International Commercial Court Conference 2022, 11 January 2022 (invited speaker)