Prof Stephens Interviewed by Ms Tory Shepherd on ABC Radio on 'Moonshot' program regarding legal issues with planned human activity on the Moon

Dale Stephens at ABC RAdio

Journalist Ms Tory Shepherd and Professor Dale Stephens

Professor Dale Stephens was recently interviewed by the ABC radio Program 'Moonshot.' 

The interview is contained here and dealt with legal questions concerning who owns the moon, who owns things brought to the moon, who owns items left behind on the moon, what liability States and companies have in space and where possible sources of friction might arise soon and how security might be maintained on the Moon, in space and on other celestial bodies. 

It is clear that humanity is poised to make great strides in exploring and settling on the moon and space more generally. These activities and human nature being what it is will inevitably result in potential friction and possible clashes and so security issues need to be thought through.

In this consideration regard must be taken of the legal constraints currently in place regarding the moon and other celestial bodies examined to ensure that humanity can achieve the goals of sustaining life outside of the earth in a manner that avoids conflict and preserves human security. These issues are canvassed in this interview.  

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