Adelaide Law School Participation in the Oxford University Forum For International Humanitarian Law Compliance

Prof Dale Stephens represents the University of Adelaide in an academic collaboration with the University of Oxford (Dr Elizabeth Stubbins Bates) and the University of Indianna (Dr Andrew Bell) in the 'Oxford Forum For International Humanitarian Law Compliance'. 

The goal of the forum is to investigate and analyse the optimal way International Humanitarian Law (IHL) training and education should be delivered to specific audiences.  The research draws on the findings of the International Committee of the Red Cross 'Roots of Behaviour' study that identifies issues of professional identity and adherence to codes of conduct as key foundations that can reinforce compliance with IHL.  These factors (in conjunction with others such as presenter credibility) can be used to provide greater acceptance, internalization, and reinforcement of the law in a training/education context. 

In the Australian component of the study, Prof Stephens engaged in interviews with Lieutenant Colonel Tennille Marsh of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Ms Yvette Zegenhagen who is Head of International Law of the Australian Red Cross, and Ms Grace Corbiau the Director of the ADF Indo-Pacific Centre for Military Law. All participants spoke in their personal capacities and provided very insightful and thoughtful observations on the issue of how best to optimise the delivery of IHL training.

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