Prof Stephens Participates in San Remo Manual Update in Norway Workshop

In late May, Prof Stephens attended a workshop sponsored by the International Institute of Humanitarian Law in Tromso, Norway to update the 1994 San Remo Manual on the Law of Naval Warfare.

Professor Dale Stephens

The first edition of this Manual has proven to be very successful in its articulation of the law (and one in which the former Adelaide University Law school Dean, the late Prof Ivan Shearer had helped draft) and has been cited by numerous States and judicial bodies over the years as being an accurate representation of the law in this area.

In the last 25 years there have been many developments regarding this law, including the experiences in the 2003 Gulf war, the rise of UAV's and UUV's, developments in submarine warfare, the imposition of modern blockades and questions concerning protection of civilians and the environment in times of naval warfare thus necessitating an update.

One representative from each country was selected to participate in this update project and Prof Stephens was privileged to have been invited. The work on updating the Manual will continue for a few more years and an updated Manual published at that tim

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