Regulation of Corporations, Insolvency and Taxation (ROCIT)

The ROCIT unit based at the University of Adelaide brings together a range of scholars working in areas critical to the promotion of a fair and prosperous society.

Our research expertise

Research within the unit explores the regulation of corporations and corporate governance in Australia and considers approaches that could advance this regulation to better serve the public interest. The research unit focuses in:

  • modern insolvency law, a vital plank in the commercial legal architecture of a domestic economy, increasingly seen as an important aspect of international and transnational commercial frameworks, and influential in foreign investment choices.  
  • taxation and tax policy - primarily engaged in research that investigates the impact of the Australian tax system, particularly with respect to the income tax, excise and SGC regimes, upon the various industry segments in Australia and the various participants in each industry.
  • ROCIT provides an independent and informed perspective on regulatory developments in these fields, facilitates and hosts events on these areas of law and policy, and coordinates submissions to relevant government and parliamentary bodies on the issues of the day.

Key contacts