Work, Health and Environment

We are at a critical juncture in human history. The sustainability of our environment, disruptive medical technology and the future of work are uncertain and contested.

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Our research responds to the myriad significant and pressing legal questions arising from the changing nature of work, health and environment. Our team of researchers interested in Work and Employment Regulation includes some of the leading labour lawyers in Australia and the world. To mention just a few of our current projects, we are the forefront of investigating how to respond to new forms of work in the gig economy, the rise of unpaid work and internships (view report) and the increasingly global movement of workers through the phenomenon of temporary labour migration.

Our ground-breaking research into Health Law explores the key bioethical and medical questions confronting humanity today. We investigate the inclusion of vulnerable populations in advance care planning and the regulatory challenges associated with the increasing influx of disruptive medical technology.

The future of our planet, the earth and our environment is at the heart of our research into the Environment and Natural Resources. We examine:

Our research units and groups working in this area