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History, Theory and Education

The Adelaide Law School has a distinguished heritage of research in history, theory and education.

Notable alumni include Sir John William Salmond, KC (1862–1924); Professor John Finnis and Michael Detmold. History, theory and education represent the foundation of legal studies and share a commitment to reflection, ethics and praxis. Our scholars produce leading research in each of these fields and have successfully won competitive grants to expand our impact.

History, Theory and Education

Leading researchers in this area

Leading researchers
Professor Wilfrid Prest Blackstone History Project; Law in Post-Revolutionary England, 1689-1760; Corruption, Political and Judicial in Early Modern England
Professor Ngaire Naffine Criminology; Subjectivity; Jurisprudence; Feminist Legal Theory; Medical Law and Ethics.
Professor John Williams Legal History; History of the High Court.
Professor Paul Babie Legal Education; Legal Theory; Law and the Common Good
Associate Professor Bernadette Richards Medical Law; Consent; Bioethics; Vulnerable Voices Project.
Associate Professor Anne Hewitt Legal Education, Smart Casual Project; Equality
Associate Professor Matthew Stubbs Legal Education; Legal History
Associate Professor Peter Burdon Legal Theory; Earth Jurisprudence; Hannah Arendt; Conservative Legal Thinking; Marxist Theory; Legal Education; Neoliberalism and the University.
Dr Rebecca LaForgia Public International Law; Legal Theory; Democracy; Public Participation; Narrative analysis.
Margaret Castles Legal Education; Legal Ethics